Written & Directed by Can Evrenol
2013, Turkey

This is Turkish auteur Evrenol’s last stand-alone horror short before entering the world of feature filmmaking and it is an audacious one.  Baskin is a gruesome, nightmarish and bloody instant classic of short-form terror.

Evrenol made a highly regarded feature version of Baskin in 2015 that takes the story in a slightly more surreal direction and has recently completed his latest horror film Housewife.

Watch one of Can Evrenol’s outstanding earlier shorts To My Mother and Father here on The Brief Macabre.

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To My Mother and Father
Written & Directed by Can Evrenol

2010, UK

Turkish filmmaker Evrenol creates an unforgettable nightmare on film with To My Mother and Father.

Evernol is a director whose progress can be easily charted through his short films Screws, Sandik, My Grandmother and now To My Mother and Father as each one is a substantial improvement over the last.

Evrenol made an outstanding horror short called Baskin which he made into a feature film of the same name that is currently in the midst of a very successful festival run.

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