The Last Halloween
Directed by Marc Roussel
Written by Marc Roussel & Mark Thibodeau
2013, Canada

A group of costumed children go door to door in a ruined neighborhood carrying bags of candy and some dark secrets in The Last Halloween.

This excellent apocalyptic short film that had a very successful festival run shows both the external and internal devastation caused by the end of the world.

Filmmaker Roussel had previously made the award-winning 2010 horror short Remote but The Last Halloween is a more accomplished and effective piece of work that also happens to feature the welcome presence of Canadian character actor Julian Richings.

In the massive and ever-growing world of horror shorts, a film has to be unique to stand out and The Last Halloween is definitively unique.

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One Last Dive
Written & Directed by Jason Eisener
2013, Canada

Best known as the maker of the feature film Hobo with a Shotgun based on his highly entertaining fake trailer of the same name, Eisener also directed the well-known horror-comedy short Treevenge and a kids-oriented horror-comedy short called Want to Believe.

The director also contributed the “Y is for Youngbuck” segment to The ABCs of Death (2012) and the “Slumber Party Alien Abduction” segment to V/H/S 2 (2013).

Brief and extremely creepy, One Last Dive is Eisener’s best work to date.

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M is for Messiah
Directed by Nicholas Humphries

Screenplay by Bob Woolsey
2013, Canada

Fans of Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man and Ben Wheatley’s Kill List will be especially attracted to veteran shorts director Humphries’ brief, enigmatic and captivating look at the end of the world made for the ABCs of Death 2 contest.

Humphries also directed the award-winning horror short The Little Mermaid, which despite being very popular in the horror shorts world, fails to have the same impact as M is for Messiah.

The director went on to make the feature films Death Do Us Part (2014) and Charlotte’s Song (2015).

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El Matador
Directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero
Written by Shane McKenzie
2013, Canada

This ABCs of Death 2 contest entry (previously known as M is for Matador) is perhaps best described as a brief glimpse into a confined world of total madness.

Guerrero previously made the lesser horror short Dead Crossing and went on to make the horror short El Gigante and the segment “Dias De Los Muertos (aka Day of the Dead)” for the 2014 horror anthology Mexico Barbaro.

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