Selection Guidelines & Contact Info

I established selection guidelines in my PopOptiq/Sound on Sight horror short film series that I follow on this site:

This is a showcase for the best live-action horror short films with a serious tone only.

No animation. No horror-comedy. 

There are excellent shorts out there in those categories but this site isn’t the place for them as I strongly feel that serious horror, animated horror and horror-comedy are three distinctly different viewing experiences.

The shorts must be stand-alone pieces not produced for an anthology film.

Full horror short films only. 

I do not post teasers, trailers, excerpts, fake trailers or write crowd-funding pieces.  I also do not write reviews/previews of short films not openly available online.

Any filmmaker wishing to contact me about taking a look at their live-action horror short film or anyone who wants to bring a great live-action horror short to my attention can do so at: 

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As the content of this site-and all film websites-is dictated by the personal taste of its creator/operator, I can’t promise I’ll post the short, but I guarantee you I will watch it.