Deus Irae
Written & Directed by Pedro Cristiani
2010, Argentina

Deus Irae is the type of short film that comes off as the opening scene of a feature film.  This classification happens to fit very well as director/screenwriter Cristiani intends to make a feature-length version of this ambitious, award-winning short.

Let’s hope he can make that happen because Deus Irae deserves to be a feature film.

While the concept for this particular supernatural short film cries out for a larger budget, Cristiani makes it work with the resources at hand despite leaving the audience a bit short-changed by the lack of a real ending.

Cristiani made another horror short film El Hombre De La Bosa (aka Man in a Bag) in 2010 that, despite being well-made, isn’t as memorable as his short debut Deus Irae.

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