I’m Dead
Written & Directed by Francesco Picone
2012, Italy

Also know as Io Sono Morta, I’m Dead is a superb example of the “sleeping giant awakens” story you see in other acclaimed horror short films such as Mariano Baino’s Caruncula and Josh MacDonald’s Game but Picone does it better here.

In 2015, Picone completed a zombie feature film called Age of the Dead based on his short Anger of the Dead and also made the horror short Martyn in 2013 but I’m Dead remains his most accomplished short form work to date.

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M is for Mailbox
Directed by Dante Vescio & Rodrigo Gasparini
Screenplay by Dante Vescio, Rafael Baliu & Rodrigo Gasparini
2013, Brazil

In this entry in the ABCs of Death 2 short film competition, Vescio and Gasparini create the type of horror short that could be perceived as the first scene of a feature film in the vein of Pedro Cristiani’s Deus Irae.

Both short films lay the groundwork for great horror features that would be exciting to see.

Vescio and Gasparini directed the horror feature The Fostering (aka O Diabo Mora Aqui) in 2015.

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