Directed by Pau Teixidor

Screenplay by Pau Teixidor, Miguel Angel Blanca & David Gonzalez
2011, Spain

Reality collides violently with fantasy in Teixidor’s debut short film Leyenda, which continues Spain’s strong track record of horror short films that includes Nacho Cerda’s Aftermath and Genesis, David Alcalde’s Happy Birthday to You and Victor Garcia’s El Ciclo and T is for Tiles.

Teixidor and his screenwriting partners create a perfect level of ambiguity that will have most viewers scrambling to re-watch Leyenda.  Teixidor made the horror feature Purgatorio in 2014.

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Directed by Dennison Ramalho
Written by Dennison Ramalho & Marco de Castro & Marcelo Velloso
2010, Brazil

Brazilian director of the critically acclaimed short film Love From Mother Only (2003) and co-screenwriter of the Coffin Joe film Embodiment of Evil (2008), Ramalho delivers a brutal and disturbing tale of guilt and corruption.  Not for the squeamish, Ninjas is easily Ramalho’s most accomplished work to date.

Ramalho contributed a segment to The ABCs of Death 2 called “J is for Jesus”-a savage indictment of persecution in the name of religion.

The Hell Withina Ramalho-helmed horror feature originally announced in late 2010-is currently in pre-production.

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