Written & Directed by Tim Egan
2016, Australia

This is a visually striking, enigmatic piece of cinematic terror that fans of Vincenzo Natali’s 1997 debut feature Cube  and Kristoffer Aaron Morgan’s great 2011 short No Way Out will adore.

While it might be tempting to classify Curve as the type of short film that comes off as the first scene of longer story, the short actually works best as the puzzling and self-contained piece of short-form horror that it is.


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Written & Directed by Carles Torrens
2013, USA

Chaos erupts as a man wakes to find everyone he comes into contact with has had a deeply disturbing dream about him the night before in this multiple award-winning short film.

Director Torrens also directed the horror shorts M is for Mom (2013) and Hide & Seek (2014) in addition to the ghost/haunted house horror feature Apartment 143 (aka Emergo, 2011).

His latest horror feature called Pet recently world premiered as part of the 2016 SXSW Festival’s Midnighters program to very positive reviews.

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To My Mother and Father
Written & Directed by Can Evrenol

2010, UK

Turkish filmmaker Evrenol creates an unforgettable nightmare on film with To My Mother and Father.

Evernol is a director whose progress can be easily charted through his short films Screws, Sandik, My Grandmother and now To My Mother and Father as each one is a substantial improvement over the last.

Evrenol made an outstanding horror short called Baskin which he made into a feature film of the same name that is currently in the midst of a very successful festival run.

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No Way Out
Directed by Kristofer Aaron Morgan

Written by Kristofer Aaron Morgan & Eric Vespe
2011, USA

Morgan and Vespe previously collaborated on the action-oriented horror short film Blind (2004) and show leaps and bounds of growth with No Way Out, a nightmarish short that’s much better in every way than Blind.

Morgan and Vespe are currently working on their horror feature The Home.

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Written & Directed by Nacho Cerda

1998, Spain

Director/screenwriter Cerda followed his gruesome, uncompromising and controversial short film Aftermath (1994) with another striking piece of work highlighted by the performance of Aftermath lead actor Pep Tosar and the visual style of the great Spanish cinematographer Xavi Gimenez.

Genesis, a story of shattering loss influenced by the Pygmalion story in Greek mythology, was nominated for a Spanish Goya award in 1999.

Cerda went on to co-write and direct the disappointing horror feature The Abandoned in 2006 and is currently in development on a film adaptation of the World War II-set horror graphic novel I Am Legion.

Genesis is available on DVD from Unearthed Films, packaged with Aftermath.

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El Ciclo
Written & Directed by Victor Garcia
2003, Spain

Accomplished special effects technician turned director/screenwriter Garcia makes a very strong debut with this award-winning, mind-bending short film.

Chilean director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza’s 2012 ABCs of Death segment “C is for Cycle” and Dutch director Maarten Groen’s 2014 horror short film Rotor both tackle a narrative similar to Garcia’s but if you want to see the concept done right, look no further than El Ciclo.

The film industry attention Garcia received for this short film led to largely thankless jobs directing Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007), Mirrors 2 (2010), the Syfy Channel movie Frost Giant (2010) and Hellraiser: Revelations (2011).  His most recent feature is the 2013 supernatural horror film The Damned.

Garcia made another excellent short film T is for Tiles for the ABCs of Death competition in 2011.

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