Written & Directed by Kimo Stamboel & Timo Tjahjanto
2007, Indonesia

This directing/screenwriting duo known as “The Mo Brothers” delivers a demented piece of bloody goodness in their filmmaking debut.

The duo later made a feature film version of Dara called Macabre (2009) and the pair directed a disappointing serial murder horror/suspense thriller feature film called Killers in 2014.

Tjahjanto wrote and directed the incredibly twisted and highly memorable segment “L is for Libido for The ABCs of Death (2012) that is one of that anthology film’s true highlights despite a distracting and unnecessary turn toward black comedy.

Tjahtanto returned to the short form very memorably in 2013 with a fabulous segment called “Safe Haven” that he wrote and directed for V/H/S 2.

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